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Winning Combination

As the air turns cooler and the leaves begin to turn, we are left with the memories of a wonderful summer at Coopers Beach.

Binh and Lauren have once again outdone themselves at the concession. Not only do they provide great food during the day but they also stay open on Sunday nights, with live music till 8 p.m. What began as a small group has grown into large crowds for all to enjoy. Their involvement and contributions to our community are many.

Matt does a superb job as beach manager. The beach is clean, garbage picked up on a regular basis. They are very willing to assist anyone who may need help navigating the trek to and from the water, be it a ride in the gator or an arm to hold on to.

The legend of the Nichols family as guards over the years at Coopers is well-known. Currently, under Dave as head lifeguard, our guards are the best — day after day on the stand, making sure we are all safe.

With the backing of Southampton Village and their crews, this is a winning combination. Let’s continue it.

Pat Griffith