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Two Books To Have for Choosing and Caring for Shrubs and Trees

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Michael Dirr’s 5-pound

Michael Dirr’s 5-pound "Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs" is a real bargain for about $40. It belongs in your garden library and with all its pictures, descriptions and helpful tables you’ll reach for it often.

"Pruning Simplified" is a great primer and reference for your pruning needs. Remember there is both the art and the science of pruning. Both well covered in this book.

Each plant covered in

Each plant covered in "Pruning Simplified" gets the same consistent coverage. On the left page, the three types of pruning with a sidebar of related plants and other pertinent information. On the opposite page, the keys to where to prune and the type of cut to make. Lilacs, seen on these pages, are one of those shrubs that many prune at the wrong time and end up with the annual issue of no flowers.

Michael Dirr’s

Michael Dirr’s "Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs" follows the same format throughout the book. Copious pictures (thousands) along with text describing the attributes and characteristics of each tree and shrub pictured. Don’t forget the pages of charts and lists at the end of the book.


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