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Work It Out

It is with great sadness that we read of the problems with Canio’s lease [“Canio’s Books, Long a Sag Harbor Cultural Icon, Faces Uncertain Future as Lease Is Not Renewed,”, March 20]. As a native Long Islander and a longtime Southampton resident, this news is like learning that the ocean has been closed. The sun has been eliminated. That the daffodils are no longer allowed to grow on Long Island.

Not to be overly dramatic, but it is a beloved institution and a pleasant, old-fashioned reminder of folks’ reverence for books and literature and even our appreciation for nice notepaper.

I, too, am a landlord, and yet I try to be fair both to our tenants and to our pocketbook. I do hope Canio’s landlord can work out an equitable deal for both of them.

We know the building needs major renovation — that prices have gone up — but surely there is a way to solve this problem and save this beloved non-Hamptons institution? And moving it to a new building would certainly cause it to lose its magic.


Lilyan Sievernich