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Don’t Insult Us

Ed Surgan has outdone himself [“A Hard Look,” Letters, February 13]!

Those poor Republicans — so demure, so timid and non-confrontational.

Joe McCarthy surely didn’t mean to upset so many people. l’m sure that Nixon was just misunderstood. Reagan and that little lran-Contra kerfuffle meant nothing. George H.W. Bush just wanted to introduce us to Willie Horton (not to mention his co-starring role in lran-Contra). George W. Bush didn’t mean to lie about the “evidence” that led us to war. And Valerie Plame surely has no hard feelings about him granting clemency to the political hack who worked for his vice president, Dick Cheney, and purposely exposed her undercover work for the ClA.

And now we have Donald J. Trump, the epitome of the quiet, reflective and cerebral world leader.

I don’t think you or the Republicans from post-World War II through today needed a sexist, homophobic, race-baiting, conspiracy-peddling blowhard like Rush Limbaugh to find your voice. That voice has not always been in the majority within the party, but it has always found a way into our national dialogue.

Finally, do not mistake this letter as an alibi for Democratic misdeeds. lt is not that. l just ask that you don’t insult us (by us I include moderates from all parties, along with independents) by trying to paint Republicans (and their supporters) as just quiet, subservient wallflowers through the years.

As Trump himself said: “And some, I assume, are good people.”

Harry Mainzer

East Quogue


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