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Fair And Balanced?

The Civil Service exam process is supposed to be a fair and balanced process [“Search For Southampton Village Police Chief Continues,” 27east.com, August 10]. They administer the chief’s exam, and the village establishes the criteria for eligible candidates to take the exam.

How does a candidate who is a former sergeant, terminated by a municipality after 19 years for gross misconduct, currently receiving a 9/11 disability, and admitted to the sexual harassment of a probationary female police officer allowed to take the chief’s exam, when a detective sergeant with a stellar career of over 30 years, an FBI leadership academy graduate who is committed to our community, is not allowed to take the same exam? Or a sergeant who is a retired U.S. Navy captain? Or a sergeant who is a law school graduate?

The only sergeant the village allowed to take the test was a fired one.

Mark Epley

Southampton Village

Epley is a former mayor of Southampton Village. According to the police chief at the time of the allegation, William Wilson, Broich was accused of sexual harassment and, after an internal investigation substantiated the accusation, accepted disciplinary action in lieu of being charged and facing a formal disciplinary process — Ed.