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It Was Some Parade!

It Was Some Parade!

It is with great pride and honor that I wish to thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America for inviting my family to march in the 75th annual Columbus Day Parade in New York City on October 14. We rode on a float with “Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella” and the Parade Queen, and led their contingency with our Southampton banner down Fifth Avenue, which was lined with close to an estimated million people cheering, waving flags, singing and dancing.

I have been to, and marched in, many parades in my lifetime, but never one like this! It was thrilling!

The crowd was made up of all ages, nationalities, religions and backgrounds, everyone excited and participating in the joy and celebration of the day. In fact, during the parade staging and lineup, we were next to the Knights of Columbus from Mexico, in their striking black-and-gold uniforms! Who knew?

Hundreds of bands, performers, celebrities, dancers, classic cars and floats participated in this fantastic three-and-a-half-hour parade, under clear blue skies and 72-degree temperatures. In many places, the crowd was five and six people deep. The parade was televised live on ABC from noon to 3 p.m.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend, I strongly encourage you to do so. It is open and free to the public, an experience never to be forgotten! I know my family and I won’t. All day, every fiber in my being was tingling, from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes, and out to the tips of my fingers.

Mark your calendars for next year’s parade on Christopher Columbus’s birthday, Monday, October 12, 2020. Put it on your Bucket List!

Hope to see you there!

Joan Tutt



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