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Met The Challenge

On Sunday, Westhampton Beach High School closed its three-show run of “Brainstorm,” a play about the teenage brain that is both written and performed by the students [“Looking Into The Black Mirror,” November 4]. Writing a play based on an innovative template is a daunting task for even seasoned professionals, and I am delighted to say the students not only met the challenge but created a beautiful theater piece that both entertained and enlightened their fellow students, their parents, and other adults about how the teenage brain works.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to The Southampton Press for seeing the possibilities in this groundbreaking endeavor and sending Kitty Merrill and Dana Shaw to meet with the cast and crew to interview them, take some terrific pictures and then, to our delight, feature our project on the front page of the paper last week.

In addition to my wonderful cast and crew, I’d like to take this public opportunity to thank the new superintendent of the Westhampton Beach School District, Carolyn Probst, and High School Principal Chris Herr for their encouragement and support of our project and all the arts.

In closing, I’d also thank our community of parents and families, specifically our new producer, Carolyn Terry, our set builder, Ricardo Vicente, and the Theatre Booster Club, who believed in this project and put their time and energy toward supporting what they could not have known ahead of time would turn out to be such a challenging and rewarding experience for us all.

Rosemary T. Cline

Director of Shows

Westhampton Beach Union Free School District