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Never A Loser

The fundamentals of our democracy are under attack. It is strange but this entire attack, which affects tens of millions of Americans, boils down to the relationship between two people. Donald J. Trump and his father, Fred Trump.

Fred Trump deeply ingrained into his son that there was absolutely nothing worse in life than to be a loser. No matter what, avoid being a loser at all costs.

To satisfy his father’s sacred philosophy (and love), the certified loser of the popular vote and Electoral College has sacrificed the foundations of American democracy, spawned an insurrection, and has given the Republican Party the blueprint on how to subvert it further.

From declarations of a “rigged election” to The Big Lie, the former president of the United States has demolished our democracy’s basic structures and conventions, with voting rights on the top of the list. The former president has convinced those who trust and follow him that fraud and corruption are widespread by all those who oppose him. All of this political and social madness for the basic purpose of never being perceived as a loser to his father. Yes, it actually all boils down to the sacred relationship of two men: a father and son.

Freud would be slapping his head in disgust.

Bruce G. Mermelstein