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Reckless Change

Interesting to find that the Bay Street Theater group feels they are being victimized by Jim Larocca because he wants them to be accountable to the community. It appears that even a theater group knows that victimhood really sells [“Bay Street Theater Says It May Have No Choice But To Move Out Of Sag Harbor,”, May 25].

Well, it doesn’t sell in Sag Harbor, and residents are not naive to think that they will pack up and leave if they don’t get their way. Residents of Sag Harbor are independent by nature; when threatened with arm-twisting such as this, it almost guarantees that they will lose.

As if the residents don’t have a right and a responsibility to know who’s the money behind this and what’s their motivation. If anything, this pandemic has taught us not to trust the word of the powers that be, because its not always about truth.

We all know that change is inevitable, but reckless change can lead to the demise of a town. Sag Harbor is a quaint old town that has enjoyed many diverse changes throughout the years. It is both old school and new school, with much diversity, but the one thing it doesn’t like is bullies — and right now I believe the residents feel that the Bay Street Theater group is trying to bully them, and that’s not going to work.

Most would like the theater group to stay, but whether they stay or go will not change how successful Sag Harbor is. Sag Harbor is successful because it has a beautiful waterfront community, and anything that can extend that waterfront to the people will be better and greater then any fickle theater group.

Thomas M. Jones

Sag Harbor